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Friday, January 15, 2010

Feeling so happy in life!

How do I go about updating everyone with our lives? So much has happened and life is so good for us right now. Before I go into details, I want to tell a story. I have always had a favorite perfume for different times in my life. I know this might sound funny. But somehow a new perfume becomes my favorite during a period of time. Then when I wear it again or smell the perfume I immediately remember a certain time in my life. I know this is really weird. Well any way on with the story…. For about 15 years I have loved the perfume from Clinique called “Happy.” Several times I have wanted to buy it but have found better things to use my money on but I continued to always try it on and enjoy it when I would visit the malls. So this past week I was shopping and I smelt the perfume again and decided this is the time in my life for this perfume. The name just completely describes what I feel….. “happy”!!!

So now that you all know I feel so happy with my life I will tell you all the things going on that have made me so incredibly happy. First let me start with this past summer. Life was very hard for a little while with my job at SCNM and studying for my Nursing State Boards and then finding a job. During this difficult time a very good friend gave me a copy of a very motivational affirmation. I hung it up and read it every day. Here is the affirmation… “Affirm that whatever brings passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration to you is on its way. Say it often: It is on its way, it will arrive on time, and it will arrive in greater amounts than I imagined.” Even during the difficult days I kept saying this affirmation. I knew things would work out. I just needed patience and faith.

This fall I found a job with WellCare Foundation. We provide free health care to single working moms and their children. What a great job for me since I know exactly how hard being a single working mom is! I can really relate to our patients and find them to be a great source of inspiration to me in my life! I love my job! It is finally so wonderful to be able to have a job that provides such passion,enthusiasm and inspiration in my life.

The next event in my life that exciting is I have lost 25 pounds and counting! I now have time and dedication to devote the necessary time to accomplishing this life long goal that I have always had. Deep down I have always wanted to overcome this flaw. Now is the time in my life for this. At work we are having a fundraiser in May. We are hosting a 5k and 10K run. I have decided that I am going to do the 5K. Some of you might think that this is not that big of a deal but for a girl who HATES jogging….. this is a huge goal for me. I know that I can do this! I just have to take it a day at a time and remain focused. I am gathering any family a friends that want to join me to come along! It is May 1st, 2010. More details to come but get your running shoes on and get moving!!!!!

And finally the last piece of news that has certainly contributed to my happiness is my boyfriend! We have been dating for about 9 weeks now! I really am enjoying this part of my life. We meet at a church dance that I did not even want to go to. My next door neighbor came over one night and dragged me out to the dance! Who knew that a great thing would come from it. I really appreciate how supportive he is with helping me to accomplish my goals in life!

Well I guess that sums up all the major things in my life… oh by the way…. My garden is dead! I have not had the time to focus on it…. But don’t worry the chickens are not dead yet and giving us lots of eggs. I have plans to get back to the garden this weekend! We will see how that goes. I hope that life is going well for all of my family and friends and if you are going through some difficult times just remember….“Affirm that whatever brings passion, enthusiasm, and inspiration to you is on its way. Say it often: It is on its way, it will arrive on time, and it will arrive in greater amounts than I imagined.” Say this often and start believing it! Life always has a way of working out for the best even if during the most difficult times when you start to doubt everything you thought you knew to be true. Just keep the faith and fight a good fight……

Lots of Love from Celeste and Colton


raquelita said...

What a motivating post Celeste! I just wonder if everything has arrived on time for you? It will be exciting to see where all of these accomplishments put you in a year or two. :)

Heather Weir said...

I'm so glad I stopped by your post. Your affirmation is just what I need at this time. two more months of being away from my little Kathryn and family is a hard thing for me right now.

I love all the good things that are happeneing to you! you totally deserve them. Congrats on the weight loss too! hard work never hurt anyone right!

Miss having you come and visit with me. Your spirit so blessed my life!