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Saturday, May 1, 2010

So how can I describe this wonderful accomplishment to you all?.... Two pairs of running shoes, four months of training, fifty pounds lost..... the feeling of victory, PRICELESS! If you really know me very well, you will agree that I love good challenges and I like to push my self to see what I can do. I look for the inner strength to overcome trials. I have always done this in my life and it has worked well for me! As I have pushed my body to run a 5K, I was not always happy about it! I would complain to my friend about how much I HATED running! Then one day I experienced something amazing! It is called the "runners high"! This was better than anything I had experienced before. I started to look forward to my next run! When I had a hard day at work or in my personal life I could not wait to slip on my running shoes and start jogging around the temple!

I would feel the beat of my feet on the pavement, arms swinging in perfect motion and my breath was slow and controlled. The outside world seemed like a place far away. Once in the zone I can turn my thoughts in ward. I can be one with myself. This is a perfect time to give myself the "self love and self nurturing" that most of us neglect. This goal not only helped me physically but it has been a wonderful exercise in attitude and over coming emotions in your life and keeping everything in perspective.
Colton was able to walk the 1 mile with wonderful friends from work! I love being able to take him with me on all these adventures in our lives. The photo below is before the race! The excitement was palpable! It was so much fun gathering all the WellCare Families and encouraging them on. They have been such an inspiration to me in my life and really has helped me on this journey of "self re-discovery." Once you find yourself it is so easy to loose your self again in all the mundane and monotony of life. Life changes so fast and you must constantly be in tune with yourself. You must be in touch with who you are. The only way I know how to do this is to be in a constant state of "self re-discovery."
The path I trained on was very different than the path I had to run today. The path I trained on was straight, flat and had no obstacles. On this path I grew confident and fairly fast for me. I did not have to think about the course. I could run 4 miles and knew exactly what was coming next. This was not the situation today. There were small hills up and small hills down, the terrain changed from sidewalk, asphalt, grass and rocks. I had to look for the signs to know where to go and trust that the other runners where reading the signs correctly. I had to pace myself. I had to adjust to what was given me. As I was in the "runners zone" I thought about how true this is in life. You get comfortable with a situation and you think you know what is coming up or you think you know how your life will be and then it is changed. You must adjust quickly and flawlessly to keep your pace. Waisting time complaining or being negative about change will only make your life more difficult. These experiences and changes in life are part of your story, part of you. Each day adds up and becomes your lifetime. What will your lifetime look like when you reach your last chapter. Will it be a tragedy, drama, comedy, love story, or a documentary? Will you have regrets or triumphs!

This is Colton and I right after I crossed the finished line! I choose triumphs for my story! I want Colton to learn to love the gift of life and to be fully engaged in every moment. To truly be present in your life is a practice that most people have forgotten! "Being present" in life means to enjoy each situation and glean from it the best and most positive things you can. Truly having gratitude for the people and blessings in your life lead to more people and blessing in your life.

And what a plethora of wonderful people I have in my life to help me along this uncertain path in life. These people are towers of strength and motivation to me. Here is Heidi and her son Christian! Heidi said something so nice to me one day when I was feeling a bit low... Her comment changed my thought process and blessed me that day... Thanks Heidi! YOU did awesome today on your walk!

This is Bridgette! We have been friends since before I was married! We meet in the MCC Singles ward and have had some crazy and fun times together. What impresses me about Bridgette is that she keeps her standard very high and does not let others alter them! She is true to herself! I will never forget Lake Havasu! That was "crazy fun!" (as my son likes to say) P.S. It was awesome running beside you the whole time!
N'neka and Amber are very loving people! N'neka is very quiet and has a very sweet and silent strength about her. Amber is full of energy and cares for her son very much!
This photo has a lot of friends... Cory and Shelly... Thanks for sharing your love of life with me and complete acceptance of me. Your smile and positive attitude permeates outward and helps others. Tomika... What can I say? Your self confidence shines through and I have loved listening every week about the strength you find in certain quotes! And then Lucia and the kids!!!!! Yo tengo mucho amor por tu familia!! Your family is a testimony that trials can and must be conquered.
Well this is my adventure from today... Goal accomplished! What will the next goal be? The next adventure? Glad you asked... I have decided to take up my Flamenco dance again. I want to become so good at my dance that I can perform it with ease at one of my Dance teachers many professional performances. It is a solo dance about the queen of the butterflies! Soon I can add Flamenco dancer to my long list of other descriptors.... for example: I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a Registered Nurse, I am a sister, I am a friend, I am a runner..... soon to come I am a flamenco dancer.
Here is a favorite quote by Wayne Dyer, "When you're in harmony with the mind of God, you simply don't have thoughts that tell you that you can't do something - after all, your thoughts are of a higher energy." Life is meant to be enjoyed. Do something fun each day!
Lots of Love,
Celeste and Colton


raquelita said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I love it that you did all of this for yourself and Colton. You are so amazing. Good luck on your Flamenco classes. How fitting, you social butterfly you! You deserve the awesome reward of success after all of the energy and time you put into these goals. Enjoy your journey ahead! Vivacious you are!

shaunandammie said...

You are awesome! I know you will be an awesome Flamenco dancer! Because you are so good with your goals! I don't even know what Flamenco is. But I know that you'll do it! I need to find that runners high.

Bridgette said...

Thanks Celeste for the kind words. I had forgotten about Lake Havasu until you mentioned it but your comment made me smile in rememberence. Fun Times!

Thanks for inviting me to this 5K, I love 'em! Thanks for being a good friend!

Congrats on your goal, I know that high, it feels great!! ;o)

As Told By Molly said...

I didn't know you blogged?! See, this is what happens when I don't check my email for a few days...

Way to go! You are a great example of strength and success. I am very proud of you and grateful for your friendship.

(Look for an invitation to my family's blog coming to your inbox!)

Jennie said...

Whoa Celeste you inspire me! I want to become a runner too!! Love the last quote on your post. It helped me. Lets get together sometime!