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Friday, June 12, 2009

Scouting, the Chicken Coop and Enrichment

Colton's first day of Scouts! He loved every minute!

Here is his first project that he did with his den.Here is our Chicken coop that Colton and I made with our two hands. As you can see why we affectionately called it the ghetto! It fell down and was not very sturdy.

Here is the new coop newly opened under new management and proudly named.."Chicks Carlton" (instead of Ritz Carlton). Jordan Came over and with the supplies around the yard we made this very sturdy and cool coop. We only bought longer nail for about $2.00! I think we were very resourcefully! It felt so good to sit back and see our hard work!Yesterday Morning Colton woke up and decided to put on his uniform and go around the neighborhood to pick up trash. This completes one of this Cub Scout Goals! He found 2 bags of trash around the apartments were we use to live!
This is the decorations and display for our Summer Time County Fair! It was a great evening. The presenters did a great job. We have a demo on Solar Ovens, The Spiritual side of Gardening, Canning meats, beans and stuff, and having a Refined home. We also had a pie contest and a talent table! It was great!
This last week has been lots of fun with getting into the groove of Summer, Scouts, my new calling and the Chickens. We are getting a few eggs each week and we are loving the fun we are having. Life is wonderful and full of abundance for us!


raquelita said...

Thanks Colton for cleaning up around our apartments. Wow Celeste! You are always hopping. Enrichment night was so fun. It flowed perfectly and felt comfortable. Good Job!