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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colton's Baptism

What a week! Colton is now an official member for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint! He is also an official Cub Scout. I have so many thoughts I hope they all make sense! Colton is such a special person to me! He really is my best friend. We love doing things together and when he is gone I really miss him. The week before his baptism the Turley family invited him to go to their cabin on their little family get-a-way. I missed him terrible and found that I had time to clean the house and it looked beautiful! At first, I found myself thinking, "I am so tired of cleaning up after Colton." or I thought, "If I have to find one more Lego piece on the floor...." or "Why can't he keep his toys in HIS room and not all over the house." Then after the house was spotless and I had too much time on my hands I started to miss the toys all over. I missed seeing his face in the morning and kissing it at night. By the time he came back on Saturday I felt as if he had been gone for an eternity! He truly is my joy!

My Dad came down from Utah to baptize Colton. We had a wonderful time. We had more people attend than I had imagined would come. It made Colton and I feel so loved. The Priesthood Brothers had some chairs set up and before the program started, asked if I thought there was enough chairs. I thought there might have been too many chairs. As the baptism started they were setting up even more chairs. The whole room was filled. It was very humbling to see how many wonderful friends we have supporting us. After Colton was baptised and we were returning to our chairs a friend leaned over and pointed out how happy and what joy was on Colton's face. I am so glad she mentioned that because even though I was trying to absorb the whole experience and I did look at his face as he was coming up out of the water, I had not made a mental note of that specifically. Since she pointed it out I will never forget his big smile was the water washed over his face.

As a parent you look forward to your Child's Baptism day as being a major first milestone in your childs life. It represents a transition from your child being completely dependent on you to the child stretching his wings and starting on the journey of doing, thinking and acting for himself. He is now responsible for his own actions. I only pray I have taught him all that he needs to have a good start on his journey and that we have developed a relationship where he will continue to listen and accepts help and guidance from me.

We went to the scout store Monday morning to get the needed items for his Den meeting on Wednesday. He reveled in delight at the store. Sheer joy illuminated from his face at the prospect of being a Cub Scout! He ran through the tiny store looking at all the interesting gadgets and his imagination went wild with all the adventures he was going to have. We bought the necessary items to get started. Grandma sewed on the patches and as Colton put on his new uniform, he seemed to hold square his shoulders , his back was straight and he had the face of a true blue Cub Scout. He asked if he could walk home instead of ridding in the car with me. As he started home he walked with such purpose, such dignity. He walk as if to say to all our neighbors..... "I am a Cub Scout!" I am so excited to have him involved with scouts. I will update everyone with all of his Scouting accomplishments.
Well I think that is all hope you have enjoyed the photos and commentary on our lives. We truly feel blessed to have everyone in our lives.

PS... I looked at the living room this morning and it has Colton's Scout stuff and toys all over it.... but I will think twice before I complain too much! Pretty soon he will be gone on his Mission and living his life and I will miss the mess and the dirty hand prints and the freshly painted walls.....


Heather Weir said...

Congrats on the Baptism. I didn't know when it was or I would have been there. I'm sorry. Sounds like it was a great event. I'd love to stop by sometime and see how sunshine Meadows is now a home. See ya

raquelita said...

Congratulations Colton! You are such an amazing example to Jill. She looks up to you so much. She has been telling me that she can't wait to be baptized just like you when she turns eight. Celeste-I was so amazed that no detail was left undone for the baptism. The film was so sweet to see Colton's progression. It was fun to see all the family pictures. I didn't get to see the whole thing to the end, but the Spirit was there and it was such a beautiful event! Thanks for being such great friends!

Your BFF!

Marian said...

Congratulations, again. I'm sorry I couldn't be there, but I was told by everyone who attended how beautiful it was. Celeste, you are doing an amazing job raising Colton and building a good life for him and yourself. You inspire me ! When are you 2 come going to come visit us again ?
Love ya !

The Palacio Place said...

Thanks Marian... I haev always told Colton that the 1st General Conference after he was 8, I would take him to General Conference. So that being said was are looking at that time frame. Ironically that would have also been Marcelo and mine 10 year aniversary! So we would like to stay with you guys it that is OK. Thanks for your kind comments. I really appreciate the positive feedback from life. At times I might get down in the dumps but it helps to have the knowledge that I appear to be on the ball! Thanks again...Celeste

Trishelle said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Colton! What an awesome experience! Celeste, I'm elated for you both!

MarQuette said...

wow the joys and stress' of havin these beautiful spirits in our lives. It is awesome that u have such a loving and close relationship with your son. Maybe someday I'll hear the story of why it is just the 2 of u! Love u Celeste and always wishin the best for u. I'm glad I get these updates when u post something. I get so caught up in things - it is easy to bypass so much.
Love U