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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We have an EGG!

I asked Colton to go water the garden this morning before school. As he did so he found an egg!The chicken made a little nest under my corn and laid her egg. Colton is very happy. We don't know if it was Rosetta or Mrs. Darth Vader. I think it was Rosetta because she seems to be the Mama Hen and keep Mrs. Darth Vader in her place. But we shall see. We now have a little bud of corn. I think I planted them to close so I don't know it the crop will really be that good but it was a good experiement. Here is another Photo of Rosetta and Mrs. Darth Vader..........Lots of love from SunShine Meadows!


Marian said...

that is great ! My friend used to have chickens before she moved. That is one thing I really miss, fresh eggs !

raquelita said...

How very cool! I hope you all had a tasty breakfast this morning.

The Palacio Place said...

Just to let you know.... the egg was delicious! The Yolk was very golden in color and. Colton ate it all up!

MarQuette said...

It is great you can have your own little farm. Darin talks sometimes of living in the country away from the pollution and hussel. Maybe even havin a few chickens and pigs. I think it would be great but I'm not sure I would like that type of work.

Thanx for sendin me email updates about you guys. I get busy doing so much other stuff its nice to have that reminder of how your friends are! Love You