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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mrs. DarthVader and Rosetta

Give a big warm Welcome to the newest members of the Palacio Family and newest resident of SunShine Meadows... Mrs. DarthVader (the all black Chicken) and Rosetta (the black and white Chicken). We now have a total of 10 Chickens. These two should be already laying eggs! We will let you know if we got two eggs when we get home today after work and school.


Marian said...

yeah...... I don't touch dead fish like that either. It just sits in my fridge staring at me. Your chickens look great. I love the names ! My kids are really jealous that you have chickens and we don't ! To bad ! The only chicken I do is in a crock pot ! HAHA ! Have a great day ! I'm still waiting for pics of your house !

Trishelle said...
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Trishelle said...

My first comment was lame...

Sweet! Welcome, welcome fair chickens to SunShine Meadows. Which, I suspect, may very well be one of the happiest places on earth. :)

The Palacio Place said...

Marian, That is so funny that your kids are jealous of the chickens because Colton is jealous that his cousins get 2 dogs!!!! People still think that the grass is greener on the other side! To bad we don't live closer then Colton could enjoy your dogs and your kids could enjoy the chickens.

Trishelle, We certianly feel SunShine Meadows is a happy place! It has been alot of work but it is finally coming together! Colton and I made our coop by the sweat of our hands and it totally looks ghetto but we are so proud of it! I would post a phot but I am NOT that proud of it! HaHa