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Sunday, May 10, 2009

SunShine Meadows

Welcome to SunShine Meadows....... (that is what we have named our new little house.)

It has been a very long time since I have updated my blog!. Colton and I have been very, very busy! Below are some photos of Colton and out garden. We have corn, peppers, chilie peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, honeydew, squash, and artichokes! We are enjoing have a "bit of earth" to dig into and grow stuff.

We also have added some chickens to SunShine Meadows. Our little "ranchito" would not be complete with out some farm animals. This was the day we got the chilckens... this one is affectionately named Duchess.
Look at our babies!
They sure are growing fast! The next adventure is our canning experience! We took my authentic Italian Pasta Sauce recipe and canned it! Que Rico!

We also canned apple sauce, apple butterand apple juice!Next adventure is Colton's camping trip. He love to fish and took his fishing rods to fish with his friends. He caught a blue gill. Our friend James Omerza took Colton. They had a blast.
What a boy! I am so proud of Colton. We are loving our new little house! There is much to do and I hope we have not bitten off more than we can chew! Stop by anytime to SunShine Meadows and see what's happening!


Trishelle said...

Happy Mother's Day, Celeste! Sunshine Meadows sounds exactly like the kind of place where you should be living! AND it looks like a total dream come true!

Congrats on finding a place that awesome. I hope it brings you years of joy and happiness to come!

Marian said...

I,m excited for your new place but where are all the pics of the house itself. I want to see how cute you decorated it. I hope you had a great mothers day ! Love the garden. I wish I had more time for gardening ! Have a great day !

The Palacio Place said...

Marian, OK I will post the Before and after photos later this week. It is amazing to see how bad the house was and what it looks like now!
Trishelle, Thanks for the comments! You would love our little SunShine Meadows! We named it that because it is a yellow house and we wanted a name that sounded happy and joyful!

Mellie Nellie said...

I'm so excited for you and Colton. Don't be surprised if I just drop-in some day when I see the car there!!!