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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Make Over!

OK Here is the Bathroom... Lovely, isn't it. I was horrible! Everything was wrong! If it wasn't for everybodies help I would have NEVER have moved! This was the nasty part.... the build up of junk! This house was in complete ruin!

OK here are the after pictures. I think it is lovely. This lighting is a bit off but I hope you can see the hard work. I painted the walls a lovely sea foam mist... I was inspired from our San Diego Vacation... it has white accents.The tub..... Oh the tub..... I tore down the viynl wall covering and scrubbed the tub till I was exhausted. I put on the new shower fixtures and a frined put in the new drain covers! OK so there was the Bathroon! Now on to the Kitchen... We got all new cabinets, stove, paint job and a good cleaning! Sorry it took me so long to post these. Hope you like what we have done!


Marian said...

it's beautiful ! what anamazing job you did !

Bridgette said...

I didn't realize the way it looked before - you did an excellent job! Love it!! :o)

Heather Weir said...

Your house looks great. I really should get over there and see what you've done and your amazing garden I keep hearing about. Is it time for a fall on already???

Kristen Duarte said...

Your bathroom and kitchen look beautiful!! Great job! What a fun project!